Buyers Agency

Why a Buyer Agency Agreement?


  • #1 is to protect your interests as the Buyer!!!
  • Ensures as an agent that we use professional negotiation skills, seek appropriate properties that meet your needs, describe the merits and defects of any selected property, keep information confidential concerning you and generally act in the your best interests.
  • Ensures that we provide Good Faith, Full Disclosure, Competence, Obedience and Accounting.
  • All of this means that you as a Buyer get better service under an agency agreement.
  • Avoids misunderstandings of who is working for whom.
  • Avoids confusion of many agents showing you the same homes.
  • Clarifies that the commission is to be paid to the Selling Broker by the Listing Broker and NOT by YOU.
  • The market is very quick and busy and as agents who ONLY get paid commission, we cannot work on a simple “hope” of getting paid.  We need to have the Buyer Agency agreement in writing.
  • If you are unsure that we are the right agents to help you find your dream home then we can make the agency for a short period of time.
  • If you absolutely despise working with us after today, we can mutually agree to terminate the agreement as we truly prefer to work with people that want to work with us and appreciate the professional effort we put forth.
  • Won’t I save money if I negotiate directly with a builder or the listing agent – NO – it usually costs you money as they are looking out for the sellers’ interest and NOT the best interests of the Buyer.
  • Advance Notice in the fast paced market.  As a member of the Local Real Estate Board, we have access to daily listings and daily “Hot Sheets” indicating new properties being listed.  We can then advise you such that you can be one of the first to see these new properties on the market.